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Social program

Thanks to the partnership with the Municipality of Dijon and the cooperation with other institutions, a rich and diverse social program will complement the congress, starting from the Welcome Event hosted in the magnificent Palais des Ducs, next to Rameau’s native house. Indeed, the composer, harpsichordist, music theorist Jean-Philippe Rameau and his music will provide the fil rouge of the “social agenda”: a special way for the Neuromusic Community to celebrate the 250th anniversary of this original artist-scientist in his own town. Music will remain at participants'side continuously during the congress... Discover how!

Just before the start
Concert Lecture «Autour du Trio pour violon, cor et piano de Ligeti» with Ensemble Intercontemporain
Le Consortium (37 rue de Longvic, Dijon) - h 18
Dimitri Vassilakis, piano / Jean-Christophe Vervoitte, horn / Diégo Tosi, violin / Nicolas Crosse, double bass
Pierre Michel, musicologist, professor at the University of Strasbourg
Program: P. Dusapin In & out / O.Messiaen Des canyons aux étoiles… / S.Gubaïdulina Sonate / A. Schönberg Fantaisie / J.Druckman Valentine / G. Ligeti Trio
INFORMATION: see the flyer

The official start
Welcome Event
Palais des Ducs (place de la Libération, Dijon) - h 18.30-20.30
Welcome reception hosted by the Municipality of Dijon and the University of Bourgogne
with musical presentation about Rameau and music cognition
Patrick Ayrton, clavecin / Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag The Netherlands


Dedicated to Rameau @ 250 years
Le Concert d’Astrée
Auditorium (place Jean Bouhey, Dijon) - h 20
A very attractive musical evening will be performed by Concert d'Astrée conducted by Emmanuelle Haïm with Stéphane Degout, one of the most celebrated baritones on today's stage. They will perform a bouquet of arias and concert pieces by J-Ph. Rameau, in an attractive programme which will also be at the center of a recording. Reduced tickets will be available for an event that should not be missed - for reservations please contact: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 
INFORMATION: read all the details 


Playing and singing together
Jam Session “Let’s play music” open to participants
Ancienne Faculté (36 rue Chabot Charny, Dijon) - h 20
In three different rooms, participants can attend an interactive musical experience and may perform in the instrumental and vocal sessions. Emmanuel Bigand and Andrea Halpern are coordinating availabilities and proposals of ensembles.
INFORMATION: read all the details 

In parallel to the Jam Session
Le corps sonore / The sounding body
Hôtel Maleteste (7 rue Hernoux, Dijon)
- h 19 | Screening of the documentary «La Mélodie d’Alzheimer»
Through this documentary, Anne Bramard Blagny and Julia Blagny explore the importance of music for the care of people suffering from degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. The film includes interventions of researchers from CNRS, Inserm and Plan Alzheimer,with experts such as Emmanuel Bigand, Hervé Platel, France Mourey, Philippe Amouyel and Joël Menard.
- h 20 | Concert «Winterreise» (song cycle) by Franz Schubert - with Hugues Reiner, piano / Joachim Bresson, tenor
- h 22 | Discussion, followed by Reception

How music as a potentially life-saving resource can and should be made accessible to people with special needs and in marginalized conditions.

INFORMATION: see the flyer
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