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The Fondazione Mariani is governed by a Board of Directors comprising seven to nine members, two of which were elected by the founder, Luisa Toffoloni Mariani, with a lifelong term of office. The Scientific Director of the “Carlo Besta” Neurological Institute is also appointed for the time of office as a member pro tempore.
Two Auditors supervise the administrative and accounting activities. The Board is supported by a Scientific Committee which has played an advisory role since 1988. The Scientific Committee complies with some internationally recognized working methods, such as the recourse to external referees.

Board of Directors
Lodovico Barassi - President
Luisa Bonora (for life) - Vicepresident
Maria Majno - Vicepresident
Adriano Bandera
Ermellina Fedrizzi - expert in child neurology
Franca Fossati Bellani
Paolo Lazzati
Alberto Predieri
Fabrizio Tagliavini - scientific Director of the “C. Besta” Institute

Domenico Arena
Franco Arosio

Scientific Committee
Fabio Sereni - Honorary President CV
Eugenio Mercuri - President CV
Ferdinando Cornelio CV
Elisa Fazzi
Fabrizio Ferrari CV
Renzo Guerrini CV
Francesco Longo CV
Daria Riva CV
Angelo Selicorni CV

Scientific Advisors

Alberto Auricchio
Alessandra Ferlini