Children with neurological conditions need dedicated care.

They are our key concern and, every day, the focus of our holistic approach.

Fondazione Mariani


Proximity and support: we stand alongside families, always. A child with special needs deserves our full attention and dedicated care.

We support clinical activities, centres that specialise in neurological problems in childhood, and families with sick children, helping them in their daily lives. We also support efforts to humanise hospitals, because all these patients are, primarily, children.

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We were born of a generous gesture — a gesture made looking to the future, beyond illness.

“A better world could mean less suffering for children”

Luisa Mariani

Fondazione Mariani


We like to look to the future through new generations of doctors, researchers and paramedical personnel. This is why the Mariani Foundation, since 1985, has organised CME-accredited training and refresher courses on topics and in areas relevant to nervous system disorders in children, such as paediatric genetics, cognitive neuroscience, childhood epilepsy, and neurorehabilitation. The Neurological Institute “Carlo Besta” in Milan is a partner in many of these initiatives. In addition to this activity, there is also a calendar of national and international seminars and conferences in various disciplines of neurology.

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Fondazione Mariani

Prossimi corsi e ultime notizie

Fondazione Mariani

Fondazione Mariani


Research is in our DNA. We always want to go further: to do more to find innovative treatments and improve the lives of young patients and their families. As a project-funding body, we are now a strategic partner to research centres, working to develop networks and shared tools.

In 2021, we reached two important milestones: the creation of five Mariani Foundation Networks, to develop multicentre registry platforms, and the twentieth anniversary of the Mariani Foundation Centre for Paediatric Mitochondrial Disorders. In addition, the Paediatric Movement Analysis Lab – “Pierfranco and Luisa Mariani Foundation” (in Italian “LAMB”) has been operational since 2004.

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Fondazione Mariani

The Mariani Foundation is a point of reference for the global scientific community both with regard to projects that link neuroscience and music, and in the context of dialogue between scientists and musicians, especially that aimed at promoting harmonious growth and enhancing development.

This activity and the series of conferences entitled “The Neurosciences and Music” are conducted in partnership with the most prestigious international scientific organisations active in this field, in particular the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), under the aegis of which, in 2000, the Foundation first entered this field.

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Fondazione Mariani

Today, we continue to look beyond, and would like you to help us.

Where there is no cure, it is still possible to heal and to alleviate the present, in the hope that, tomorrow, research might offer children with neurological diseases a better future.

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