Institutional bodies


The Mariani Foundation’s institutional bodies are the Board of Directors, the Auditors and the Scientific Committee.

Board of Directors

This is the Foundation’s institutional governing body, and its members are:

Lodovico Barassi

Luisa Bonora 

Maria Majno

Luca Degani

Ermellina Fedrizzi
specialist in child neurology

Franca Fossati Bellani

Giuseppe Lauria Pinter
Scientific Director of the C. Besta Foundation

Paolo Lazzati

Alberto Predieri



The auditors are appointed by the Board for renewable three-year terms. Together, they form the supervisory body that oversees the Foundation’s administration and accounting. The current auditors are Franco Arosio and Domenico Arena.

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Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is an advisory body and a constant point of reference, serving to ensure continuity of direction and guarantee the scientific value both of the projects undertaken and of their results. The Committee is made up of experts and scientists who operate in accordance with international criteria and, when necessary, seek external opinions.

Vice-president Maria Majno is responsible for liaising between the Board and the Scientific Committee, while Ermellina Fedrizzi, specialist in child neurology, is the Board member appointed to follow the work of the Scientific Committee.

Taking into account the Foundation’s three areas of activity, the Scientific Committee is split into two sub-committees, “Care and Training” and “Research”, each made up of experts in the respective fields.

Care and Training

Daria Riva

Anna Maria Alessi

Sara Bulgheroni

Elisa Fazzi

Maria Foscan

Francesco Longo

Simona Orcesi

Daniele Petrogalli

Angelo Selicorni


Enza Maria Valente

Alberto Auricchio

Marianna Bugiani

Maria Roberta Cilio

Fabrizio Ferrari

Renzo Guerrini

Francesco Longo

Eugenio Mercuri