18 June 1984

The seeds of our story were sown in Milan, at the Neurological Institute “Carlo Besta” and at the home of Luisa and Pierfranco Mariani. Through her activities as a volunteer and supporter of this Milanese hospital, then directed by neurologist and family friend Renato Boeri, Luisa was well aware of the difficulties, in their daily lives, faced by the parents of sick children: at that time, paediatric neurology had yet to become a discipline, and the idea of addressing the very specific needs of these children was highly novel.

The turning point came in 1984: following the death of her husband, Luisa, through a bequest, set up a Foundation in his name, with the purpose of providing these young patients with assistance, services and care.


The Mariani Foundation was born of that forward-looking gesture: a legacy nurtured by all those, including the founder’s niece, Luisa Bonora, who have embraced and continued this work over the years.