Congressi Neuromusic - Fondazione Mariani



The Mariani Foundation has established itself as a leading organisation in the branch of neuroscience that studies the links between music and the brain. Its interest focuses, in particular, on the increasingly dynamic field dubbed “Neuromusic”. In 2000, the Foundation started a dedicated collaboration with the renowned New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), and since 2002 has been the organiser of a series of world conferences entitled “The Neurosciences and Music”.

Held once every three years, these meetings bring together the leading experts in music-related aspects of neurobiological research, neuropsychology and child neurology, as well as musicians and clinical practitioners interested in studying the mechanisms and peculiarities of musical perception, learning, and performance. The multidisciplinary nature of these events is reflected in the diverse expertise of the coordinators, in the prestige of the Scientific Advisors, and in the broad and eclectic background of the Scientific Committee.

The program, which each time revolves around a specific topic, is defined on the basis of applications from the research community, according to a structured selection process. International partnerships are of the highest quality, like the one with the NYAS, which publishes all the conference proceedings.