Annual report


wants to ensure transparency towards all its stakeholders. Through its annual report, published voluntarily, an organisation not only shares financial and accounting information, but also the results of the activities and projects pursued and developed over the course of the past year, analysing the impact these have had on their beneficiaries, both direct and indirect.

In its annual report, the Mariani Foundation sets out the results achieved in relation to its mission. The document allows all stakeholders — children, parents/families, doctors, health workers, staff, institutional bodies, local communities, institutions — to verify the achievement of the stated objectives.

All annual reports are available in Italian only.

Bilancio Sociale 2021

Published on 11/11/22


Bilancio Sociale 2020

Published on 03/03/22


Rendiconto sociale 2019

Published on 30/06/20


Rendiconto sociale 2018

Published on 30/06/19


Rendiconto sociale 2017

Published on 30/06/18