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Paediatric neurological disorders with cerebellar involvement

Pubblicazione conseguente al XXV Corso di aggiornamento in Neurologia infantile (Roma, marzo 2013)Editors: S. D’Arrigo, D. Riva, E.M. ValenteLondon-Paris, John Libbey Eurotext Ltd, 2014, pp. 242 This book provides an update on paediatric neurological disorders with cerebellar involvement. The opening section of the volume is dedicated to the structure and function of cerebellum: the specific […]

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Lysosomal storage diseases

Early diagnosis and new treatments Pubblicazione conseguente al XXI Corso di aggiornamento in Neurologia infantile (Parma, marzo 2009)Editors: R. Parini, G. AndriaLondon-Paris, John Libbey Eurotext Ltd, 2010, pp.186 The last fifteen years have witnessed the extraordinary evolution of basic and clinical research in the field of lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs), transforming many of them from […]

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Genetics of epilepsy and genetic epilepsies

Pubblicazione conseguente al XX Corso di aggiornamento in Neurologia infantile (Venezia, marzo 2008)Editors: G. Avanzini, J. NoebelsLondon-Paris, John Libbey Eurotext Ltd, 2009, pp. 280 This volume provides updated information on epilepsy genes, on the clinical picture of genetic epilepsies discovered so far, and on conceptual advances in the complicated area of genotype-phenotype correlations. Recent studies […]

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