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Pubblicazione conseguente al II Corso di formazione sui disordini del movimento (Torino, novembre 2015)
Editors: N. Nardocci, S. Zuberi
Guest Editors: E. Fernandez-Alvarez, A. Arzimanoglou
Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2018

Movement Disorders in children have always been a fascinating and challenging branch of paediatric neurology that combines clinical experience with data concerning molecular and biochemical mechanisms underlying pathogenesis. In recent years, the improved understanding of biological aspects, diagnosis and treatment of Movement Disorders in children led to the detection of new genes underlying the disease and of new clinical phenotypes involved in already known disorders. The clinical diagnosis though is often difficult due to the wide aetiological and phenotypical heterogeneity involved of the most important Movement Disorders affecting children. The Special Issue includes lectures focused on various aspects regarding diagnosis and treatment of different childhood onset Movement Disorders as reported in a post-graduated course supported by the Mariani Foundation for child neurology, and the contributions of some of the most experienced authors in the field. The aim of this Special Issue is providing readers of recent data concerning the clinical and neurobiological aspects of the most important Movement Disorders in children, including recently identified forms. It is aimed at specialists in neurology, paediatric neuropsychiatry, neurophysiology and rehabilitation, who want to enhance their skills to better manage this topic.

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